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A woman who is so ugly,she is frightening.coyote uglyheffer
Also resembling an antlered,tundra dwelling,hoofed mammal.
A Scaribou is usually large bodied,hairy,with an unpleasant odour.
A Scaribou can easily be spotted on the edge of a dance floor with others of the same herd,staring at the pretty girls and calling them sluts because their ankles don't ooze out of their shoes.
An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet is a perfect time to view the eating habits of the Scaribou as they are distracted by other Scaribous in a fierce competition for the last bucket of pork.
A Scaribou will mate any time of the year but only when the unsuspecting male is too drunk to see or smell but still able to achieve an erection.
The Scaribou will produce 1 bastard and then seek Government help to raise it.
Once the bastard is old enough that the Scaribou no longer needs to unroll its sagging breast to feed,the Scaribou will return to hibernation,awaiting the next season of Jerry Springer.
"Did you see the size of that Scaribou?"
"Put down the chicken wings and don't make eye contact,there is a huge Scaribou behind you and I think she picked up your scent!"
"The Scaribou cornered me in the basement,it was obvious she wanted to mate as she folded her breast to her mouth and licked her hairy nipple."
by Joel B Ertonpink April 28, 2005
Tap Ass Pee Bum is usually obtained on a trip to Mexico after drinking the water.
The emitted sound from Pee Bum sounds like someone urinating when in actuality,it is stinky,liquid shit exiting with the force of a pressure washer.
Pee Bum will only stop or slow with medication or corn blockage.
Derk:"Hey man,let's go to the bar and det some putas!"
Buttster:"Dude,I can't,I got Pee Bum from those fajitas!"
Pedro:"Vote for Pedro!"
by Joel B Ertonpink April 28, 2005
to ejaculate,empty the scrote,hose her down,free the D.N.A
"Man I don't care if she is a Scaribou,I gotta drop a hot one before my scrote explodes!"
by Joel B Ertonpink April 28, 2005
Pee Bum Tap Ass refers to the runny shits that flow freely.Related to Mexican water and food or too much beer in one night.
Usually,the tap is stuck in the on position and can only be stopped with a Gerbil plug,massive amounts of corn,or Immodium.
Also associated with a shart,sharting
Fred:"Hey Bob,how's your diarrhea?"
Bob:"Great!No more tap ass,thanks for lending me your gerbil!"
Pedro:"Vote for Pedro!"
by Joel B Ertonpink April 28, 2005

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