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18 definitions by Joel TK

A shit taken at a usual location (i.e.-home, work, relatives house). The opposite of an away game.
Traffic sucked, I'm going to have a home game.
by Joel TK May 25, 2005
4 11
The area between your nuts and your asshole. See also knocka and taint.
Did you just lick my stitches? Don't try to kiss me!
by Joel TK June 08, 2005
12 26
A person that hangs out with you alot, but is not a core member of your group. Short for random.
Guy 1: This party is kickin'. I'm going to try to nail a randy.
Guy 2: Good idea, that way it won't get back to Sheila.
by Joel TK May 27, 2005
57 124
n. A girl, typically 20 or more pounds over weight, that you are ashamed to tell your friends you nailed. 80% of girls in Nebraska are huskers.
Guy 1: What's the deal with Kim? I didn't realize she was a husker.
Guy 2: Why, did you nail her?
Guy 1: No!!!
by Joel TK May 27, 2005
37 133