18 definitions by Joel TK

Used to describe a freshly shaved scrotum.
Man 1: Hey Ron, what's new?
Ron: Just my baby bag, I'm do on set.
by Joel TK June 08, 2005
A sly way to inform someone you're going to shit.
Guy 1: Wanna catch a flick?
Guy 2: After I go to Brown U.
by Joel TK May 25, 2005
Another term for pre-cum.
You'll know when I'm done, that's just starter butter.
by Joel TK May 25, 2005
Game played when you are unsure if you're going to fart or shit. The probability is usually equal.
If you pull my finger, we'll play 50-50.
by Joel TK May 25, 2005
A metaphorical female boner.
I can't wait to see that movie, Brad Pitt gives me the biggest chubble.
by Joel TK May 25, 2005
One who is naturally funny. Has or pertains to having mental retardation and/or autism.
Guy 1: Did you watch Life Goes On?
Guy 2: No. I am afraid of nature clowns.
by Joel TK May 25, 2005
n. Any amount of fecal matter that is funny enough to save and show your roommate.
I know I should have flushed, but that Brown Clown woulda drown.
by Joel TK June 11, 2005

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