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It means 'say fuck', normally used in situations where saying fuck wouldn't be appropriate.
Person 1: Dude, John's in shit with his parents because he dropped the F bomb at dinner while his grandparents were over.

Person 2: What a dumbass.

John: Yep, I chose a pretty stupid time to drop the F bomb.
by Joefo September 04, 2008
A geeky vegetarian, most of the time annoying ones who try to convert everybody.
A: I don't eat meat, and neither should you.
B: You're such a vegesquarian, leave me alone.
by Joefo March 19, 2007
Pretty much the same as a vegesquarian, a geeky vegetarian who tries to convert everybody.
A: Eating meat is wrong, scince has proven that eating meat is bad for you, blah blah blah...

B: Stick a sock in it nerdivore.
by Joefo March 19, 2007
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