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The act of promoting one’s self, abilities, or predicted achievements to impossibly high expectations only to crash and burn in such a public fashion people will use that failure as a gauge against other public failures for years to come.
After talking so much crap for the past two years about his Thai-bo skillz, Pauley got completely David Blained by that Ukrainian kid with the lazy eye.
by Joe_Mamma May 11, 2006
1. A woman who, due to mensuration, is wearing a tampon.
2. A woman who, due to mensuration, is short tempered.
1. Dan: Yo Jimmy, are you joining the circuis? What’s with all the clown makup?
Jimmy: I ate a lose-meat sandwich the found out the bitch was smuggling cotton.

2. Honey, all I said was your sister has a nice ass. What’s wrong with you, ya Smuggling Cotton or sumthin’?
by Joe_Mamma May 11, 2006
A surprisingly large and sloppy vagina.
Santiago was damn sure he was going to split that anorexic bitch up the middle. Little did he realize she has a womb with a view.
by Joe_Mamma May 11, 2006
An expression used by older gentleman from the southeastern United States to describe cool temperatures.
Bo. Its so cold in this room you could hang meat in here.

Me. Old man, I'm hanging meat wherever I go.

Bo. Very funny you sick bastard.
by Joe_Mamma May 11, 2006
The act of placing someone else’s towel between your legs; one end protruding from your ass-crack, the other out the front and from under your ball-sack/fly catcher. Then, vigorously wiping the towel back and forth to the point your taint begins to blister. Best practiced on a hot summer’s day, after football practice, or for revenge.
Gee mom, I’m sorry, It was just so darn hot yesterday I had to use the “Good Towels” to give myself a mean streak and dry off.

After football practice, Eugene the towel boy was dismayed when he relized the entire team left him a room full of mean streaks to take care of.

That bastard Leroy is such a fuckin’ ball hog. When he’s in the shower- I’m gonna hook ‘em up with a mean streak!

by Joe_Mamma May 11, 2006
When one masturbates to no conclusion- usually due to lack of concentration or fatigue.
The 90 year old retiree excitedly woke up for the first time in 20 years with an erection, but in the end, he was handed only empty promises.
by Joe_Mamma May 11, 2006

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