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A person who frequently gives blowjobs, snuffling around a guy's cock like a badger snuffling for truffles.
"I seen Becca at the bar last night." - person 1

"Did she go home with anyone?" - person 2

"Yea, two guys." - person 1

"She is such a tadger badger." - person 2
by Joe587 February 10, 2008
When having doggie style sex with your women. You pull your penis out and whip it against her ass as you ejaculate and growl like a wookie. This could get a laugh or piss her off, only one way to find out.
"So I gave Mandy a wookie whip last night" - person 1

"I fucking hate star wars" - person 2

"Me too. But hey, we got a laugh out of it." - person 1
by Joe587 February 10, 2008

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