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A woman who uses a man sexually for her own benefit or until some personal interest has been satisfied.
Danielle is a manizer who has sex with men just to get what she wants.

Emily has sex with men just to pass the time and she has no concern for their feelings...she's such a manizer.
by Joe24 March 07, 2006
Shortened version of gluttony. Used to describe a person who eats an inordinate amount of food and who is usually extremely obese or over-weight.
Frank is such a glut...he looks like Jaba The Hutt.
by Joe24 March 07, 2006
A method of fellatio where the woman deep throats the man in a manner that causes her to make a noise similar to that of a croaking catfish.
Yeah, she catfished me last night. It was great. No gagging!
by Joe24 March 07, 2006

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