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2 definitions by Joe the Dumber

A morally repressed person who feels deeply guilty about their sexuality, and whose sole purpose in life is to make you feel guilty, too.
The church lady who knocked at my door this morning turned red as a rose when my stripper girlfriend answered it wearing nothing but pasties and a g-string. Judging by her reaction, the church lady must have been a Republican.
by Joe the Dumber July 26, 2010
1. Any member or advocate of the US Republican Party. 2. A person who watches Fox News as a legitimate source of news. 3. Any American political conservative who lacks critical thinking skills, is willfully ignorant and proud of it, and is easily duped by emotional appeals to patriotism and moral values from leaders who are invariably charlatans and hypocrites.
1. My neighbor is a chump because he voted for Ronald Reagan and both Bushes. 2. My co-worker is a chump for Fox News. 3. Karl Rove, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have job security because of all of the chumps who continue to listen to them without questioning what they are saying.
by Joe the Dumber July 26, 2010