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The year when everyone will see how stupid they are for believing the world will end in 2012. Since it is an odd number year it will be boring - no world cup, olimpics, or leapyear. I think there will be a modern warfare 3(causing a huge drop in teen pregnancy) and an xBox 720. Also everyone will regret all the things they did on 21st december 2012 , such as drink, have sex with strangers, kill people they didn't like, ect. because they thought the world world was gonna end.People will just find another year and call it the end.
Bob: Aw man! 2012 was bullshit! Bored Archaeologist: Actually, research shows the Myans ACTUALLY meant 21st of Dec. 2014! Bob:Awesome!(it puzzles me why some people like the idea...) Well, 2013 is still gonna be boring...
by Joe the Awesome February 02, 2011
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