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To beat, defeat, or over accomplish something. An act that defines super poweres or the ability to really just flat out beat something.
Rich put the pedal to the metal and "wailed the tar" out to the last few miles of the trip. He was proud of his accomplishment and exclaimed so.
by Joe smoe November 16, 2003
high (or at least higher) thc % than low grade weed. in my area any weed not known by strain but is aprox 5-10% thc (of course most of you couldnt tell the difference). kind bud or any weed be it 2%-24% thc (24% being the highest i know of) may contain seeds. most kind bud doesnt contain seeds because its usually taken care of much better than schwag ie: usually (around here) grown indoors in which conditions are much better, when flowering is started (12 hours of light a day or less) in usually 1 week you can tell male from females (2 weeks at most) plants, and the grower just kills off the male plants or generally selects the best male and saves its pollen to pollenate the best looking female. no males flowering with the females means no seeds. kind bud may not have a strong smell or great taste (though it usually does), smoking it is the only real way to test it.
delta 9 thc
by joe smoe November 25, 2003
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