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A city in Florida actually called New Port Richey but was nicknamed as such because nobody else in florida has ever heard of it. People who move here tend to only saty for short periods of time , except for the elderly who tend to stay in the same spot forever. There is very little there from a cultural standpoint and its an hour drive before you can get to any of the good parts of Florida. Also Port Nowhere, a next to it which actually came second and is really the "new"er city. Because of its lack of culture its consists mostly of "Gangsta's" and "Prep's", and is speckled with a few "Individualists" that Swear they are leaving as soon as they can.
"Where do you live?"
"New Port Richey."
"New Port Where?"
"Well New Port Nowhere actually but close enough."
by Joe Zumchak June 30, 2006
A phrase, usually used in question form which asks if the person being questioned knows what you are talking about, refering to, or trying to suggest.
"I beat that bitch up Norris Style, if you dig what im putting down."
or "Do you dig what im putting down?"
by Joe Zumchak July 01, 2006
In a Card game, to use a card at an inappropriate time, hence canceling out the effect of the card.
You cant use that card in response to my summoning, hah you fizzle n00b.
by Joe Zumchak June 30, 2006

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