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3 definitions by Joe Yamato

Superbowl XVIII, where the publicity of Janet Jackson's boob overtook the joy of a great game between the Patriots and Panthers
Joe: Hey that was a good game huh?
Bob: Yeah, so was that boob! ohhyeah!!
Joe: Shut up you animal-goatsing wanksta!
by Joe Yamato February 08, 2004
6 6
the amount of time John Kerry spent in Vietnam
Kerry spent four months in Vietnam where my grandfather served over a year
by Joe Yamato August 10, 2004
4 14
also known as whitey-tightys, Tighty - whiteys are the form of underpants worn by small children ranging from age 3 to 12. At some point near puberty, the switch is made to the obviously more comfortable boxers. Tighty-whiteys can also be used in an offensive term against the caucasian population
These tighty-whiteys are too restricting!
(the above example can be used for both forms of the definition)
by Joe Yamato August 10, 2004
61 141