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Possibly one of the greatest guitarist's of our time, Joe Satriani has released over 10 records. He's known for his ingenious riffs and unbeatable solos and taught the wonder, Steve Vai, how to play guitar. Made famous when Vai told someone in an interview that he taught him how to play, and thus pulled him to glory. Also known as Satch, Joe has his own Ibanez series guitars, amps, straps and picks. Satch has redefined rock, definitely someone to see before you die. Currently touring with his band and G3.
Harry: Hey man, you hear that sick solo in Satch Boogie?
Joe: Yeah man, that was totally awesome!!! Joe Satriani rocks!!!
by Joe Wilcox April 07, 2006
Derived from a term that appears in Weebl & Bob.
1. Often used to describe (1)When something bad has happened or (2)When a situation has turned bad.
2. Biscuits of the tit.
(1) Guy #1: We're can't go out till the rain lets up.
(1) Guy #2: Titty Biscuits.

(2) Guy #1: Miss is gonna bust your ass when she finds out you havn't done the work.
(2) Guy #2: Titty Biscuits.

2. Titty Biscuits are made of all things sextacular.
by Joe Wilcox December 09, 2005
1.Shucks is a portmanteau of the words "shit" and "fuck". Instead of saying "shit-fuck", you'd say "shucks".
Way of expressing disappointment without saying something overtly rude.
2.Also a way of saying someone is not very good in bed.
1."Shucks, i can't believe i forgot the milk!"
"Shucks, that was a bad film."
2.Person #1- "Heard you and Stacy hooked up, how was she?"
Person #2- "She was a bit of a Shucks really..."
by Joe Wilcox June 26, 2007

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