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A person that was involved in antiwar protest of the 60's in the US. Now used as a excuse to get high all day and complain about things. Hippies as of 2003 will take anything from the east as it is cool and procliam they are that. You might find a hippy that looks muslum but when you look deep they are very shallow about the religion as the just want to get high.
Little hippy John likes to come to Canada to do cartwheels infront of the coffee shop to impress the 14 year old girls. Than Johnny the hippie gets high and then gets high again and then claims he is a spiritual person,
by Joe Tippytoes September 14, 2003
A place where the people wine and cry about having to be so special and everyone should see them as. French speaking morons that get upset when a store sign is in English because it makes them have to read a english word.

A province of Canada that should be kicked out of such a great country.
Wow man I went to Quebec to ski and found out the only thing they can talk about is English. Man I don't care too much when I see people speaking French.
by Joe Tippytoes September 14, 2003

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