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3 definitions by Joe The Man, Rogan

Used by African Americans when playing against them in some sort of online gaming. The term itself makes no sense to any other race, but African Americans use it frequently to express the lag they might be getting from you, or lag you might be encountering.
SurfNstuff92: Dude I'm frickin lagging
BIGBOYPLAYA802: ay nigga you got a Walmart connection.
by Joe The Man, Rogan February 05, 2009
48 28
A term used to express the euphoria of the famous, yet painful, poop, which involves much water (piss), with the expected, but inadequate, actual poop. In severe cases, blood can be involved.
I've got to take a dump.
*Sits on the toliet*
*Sounds of a hose pouring into water*
Fucking piss ass.
by Joe The Man, Rogan February 06, 2009
19 9
Industrial shit is a term used to refer to one's internet connection, preferably one that is terrible. Industrial internet in itself, is the brand of internet not commercialized, and is the cheapest type available. It's usually only sold to industries or other big office buildings.
Joe1241: This shit is laggy as hell.
IrishGANGSTA: ay but uh dats dat industrial shit.
LATINO123ESSAY: yea du it's dat industrial.
by Joe The Man, Rogan February 06, 2009
11 1