22 definitions by Joe Smith

Wannabe investment banker
He doesn't know what he's talking about. He is such a fucking wibber
by Joe Smith December 03, 2003
the haircut given to all asian males...instantly obtained after sleeping on the right side of ur face and constantly going to school without brushing it at all
Greg: Hey Jesse! Do you want to do something today?
Jesse: Nah I can't . ..I'm going to get the Wayne Cut tonite
by joe smith March 29, 2005
someone who sucks at life...really badly
that noob is a dansux
by Joe Smith March 26, 2005
The coolest dad on earth that runs shit in the abode amidst the bottles of jack daniels and roller derby friday's.
The frog himself is a real man cause he takes care of his responsibilities even though he wants to run for the hills.
by joe smith January 27, 2004
A person of jewish decent who enjoys sucking the balls of little boys named Jeremy or Lance.
I heard that Max kid is incharge.
by Joe Smith January 28, 2004
a crazy growth in the groinal area first seen by colonal jaspal in the korean war
i have this crazy hodge growing on my balls
by joe smith February 10, 2004
n. v. Someone who, often clandestinely will use microphone(s) on clothing, rigs etc. to record and disseminate live concerts, attractions
"Hey, my taper friends got the latest Harper show, do you want the shin?"
by Joe Smith March 09, 2003

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