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1) A misguided horribly run war, based on false pretenses
2) A start of a conversation for misinformed or non-informed idiots to rant about how the war was or was not justified
3) Deciding factor in '04 election
4) A conversation starter for Democrats to complain about how we should pull out of the war even though it was a mistake to start it but we cant pull out now,BECAUSE how the fuck would you feel if a government blew down your house and killed one of your family members, in order to take saddam out of power and then said "bye-bye" and left you to pick up the pieces
1) Joe: Did u hear about the Iraq war?"
Bill: Yeah, its being horribly run
2) Idiot#1: We need to leave IRAQ NOW!
Idiot#2: Yeah, lets leave all those destroyed homes and leave!
3) Joe: You know how John Kerry lost the '04 election?
Bill: Had a crappy way to run the Iraq war
4) Democrat: We need to leave Iraq
Republican: No, we should stay there for 100 years!

#iraq #war #joe #bill #idiot #'04 election #george bush #misguided #republican retard #democrat retard
by Joe Sloe February 07, 2008
The process used by one in which one would use roller blades on a bike. Similar to biking you just look like a goddamn idiot.
*Joe roller biking*
Bob: HAHAHA what a fucking idiot!
Terence: I'm videotaping this and putting it on youtube!
#rollerskating #biking #idiots #youtube #fucking #goddamn
by Joe Sloe February 07, 2008
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