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A bag of ramen noodles crushed and shaken up with the seasoning powder. Props if you can crush them up without puncturing the bag they come in. Requires no water.
I was so poor in college that my lunch every day was a bag of ghetto chips during my two-hour lecture.
by Joe Sherrod July 31, 2006
Evil organization determined to ruin the lives of as many public school students as possible, while giving them ridiculous amounts of vacation due to non-existant inclement weather to absorb their brain-washing about standardized testing, drugs, and how much more important college really is than it is in reality. The last of that list will only make sense to those subjected to MCPS' tyranny. Poor schools are remodeled, rather than restaffed. Their headquarters are located in Rockville, MoCo Maryland.
"Oh look, a tank."
"Yeah, that's MCPS' new ID badge enforcement officer."
"The tank?"
"No... Mike Tyson. He's the one driving it."
by Joe Sherrod August 27, 2004
adj. - modifier of a noun, expressing extreme positive quality.
"That junt is drink!!!"
by Joe Sherrod October 02, 2004

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