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The status of being bent for more than a day. Usually results in loss of memory, money, strange tattoos, and other things you'll have a hell of a time explaining.
Though his penis burned when he peed, John could not remember what happened on Labor Day weekend because he was on a three day bender.
by Joe Schmoe February 21, 2005
Derogatory term used to describe a male who likes to play bumdarts. See homo.
Look at Jerry, what a mudpirate.
by Joe Schmoe February 22, 2005
term for marijuana along with limbo, loco, lucas, muggles, airplane, ganja, lamb's bread, snop, tijuana, african bush, bale, bar, bash, and all the common words kids use these days...
hey, peter pan, you wanna smoke some mookah with the lost boys?

Moocah is still illegal in the States.

Moocah should be legal.
by Joe Schmoe February 24, 2005
A woman who is small, and nicknamed mumbo
just about any grandma that ever lived
by Joe Schmoe March 27, 2005
To be intoxicated beyond the prudent levels.

Developed by one "Carnack" in southwestern Ontario mid 90's.
Last weekend we went to Burn's beach and got chefskied.
by Joe Schmoe November 30, 2004
an obese individual that is so obese that it/they require a stadium or racetrack to comfortably graze....

(not to be confused with a nascar event, or a right of passage among college freshman)
wow... hes suffering from the fischman 400
by Joe Schmoe June 15, 2004
the last name of a teacher from hell. she likes to head the national honors society only so she won't get fired. if you don't suck up or kiss her ass, she'll hate you. If you have her, beware her wrath because she's only trying to be friends with you because she was a huge nerd in high school and wants to experience it all over again.. this time as a 40 year old duck.
Freshmen 1: Holy shit, i have beris.
Freshmen 2: Haha, you have the duck.
Freshmen 1: Let's find a duck outside so you can tell me where its ass is.
Freshmen 2: I think I'd rather have her hate me then have to do that.
Freshmen 1: That's a good point.
by Joe Schmoe January 14, 2004

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