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With reference to Coney Island, Brooklyn NY. As the area is populated generally by freaks and weirdo's , this term refers to a person who is not of the norm.
Said to a strange person - "Oh my God you are such a coney!"
by Joe Richards March 19, 2007
This is when two random things happen at the same time.
For example two complete strangers falling over in the same area at the same time. Or two people saying an unusual phrase at the same time like "I poke bagers with spoons" That is random tandem!
by Joe Richards March 19, 2007
A wee palace is an alternative term used to describe the toilet or bathroom
"Please excuse me, I'm just popping to the wee palace!"
by Joe Richards March 19, 2007
A northern term to describe a pint glass
"Just pass me that pint pot!"
by Joe Richards March 19, 2007
When one displays signs of a sore throat, possibly as the result of giving oral pleasure to a man who may be unclean
"Dirty slag! You aint ill, just got a bit of dirty cock syndrome from sucking off the bin man!"
by Joe Richards March 19, 2007
Diminish On Approach - when someone appears to be good looking from a distance but when you see them close up they are a complete munter!
"oh, he looks cute... oh he's coming over! Abort! It's DOA! RUN!"
by Joe Richards March 19, 2007
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