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An insult used to offend someone implying that they fuck shins
*While Playing On The Playstation*

Blaine: "Your going to miss Rockface"
Joe: "You wish you.....Shinfuck!"
by Joe Pursell June 15, 2008
1. Name of a footballer who wears gloves during a match.
2. On Pro Evo, an insult used to a player suggesting that they are useless and munch on their gloves.
3. An insult used to describe a retard, spastic or window licker
4. Liverpool Footballers
*Kezman misses an easy chance on PES on Playstation*

Joe: "Oh my fucking god Kezman! You fucking Glovemunch! What is your aim in life? Your Crap! Go Die in a hole!

Blaine: "hahaha"

Joe: "Shut Up Blaine, Your nothing but a complete Shinfucking, Glovemunching, RockFace!"
by Joe Pursell June 15, 2008

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