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The third highest level in the gamer ranks. Highly respected and consisting of great skill the Powner is not quite a true 'Pro' but is feared all the same. Powners generally travel along side Prowners and Suprowners to maximize their Pwning+Owning abilities.
OMG! I just got powned by a knife and I had a rocket launcher! That's one heck of a powner.
by Joe Noshow October 31, 2007
The highest and hence forth most superior gamer rank surpassing all in skill level. The word is made up of the terms 'Superior', 'Pro', and 'Owner.'
Pronounced: Sue-prown-er
You just got suprown3d by teh Suprowner you noob!
by Joe Noshow October 31, 2007
The second highest level in gamer ranking. Prowners have the unique ability to Own and Pwn all at the same time using the most professional of methods. Prowner surpasses all ranks to the exception of Suprowner.
Plasma stuck, energy sword slashed, headshotted in midair while exploding = The work of a true Prowner
by Joe Noshow October 31, 2007

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