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2 definitions by Joe Norton

Someone who insist on telling you where to go, how to get something or how to complete a level while you're playing.
"hey you forgot to go get the key too unlock that door" "hey man i was going to, god stop being such a backseat gamer"
by Joe Norton April 27, 2008
someone who does nothing but talk about guitars, talks about playing guitars, looks up shit about guitars, and hates guitar hero. doesn't even necessarily play guitar.
Guy 1: omg hey man have you seen gibsons new robot guitar?
guy 2: no i havent go away.
guy 1: aww man i played it last week, it ruled.
guy 2: GO AWAY.
guy 1: hold on im gonna find it on google and show you
guy 2: guy 1 your such a damn guitar junkie GO AWAY NOW
by Joe Norton April 27, 2008