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adj. exciting, great, excellent.
"Come to my party, it'll be an ass-slappin' good time," said Mandy.
by Joe Nobody January 20, 2004
Something good, spectacular. Used in the same fashion as "the shit".
"That's the porn, bro!"
by Joe Nobody March 15, 2004
One who is skilled at the art of bullshitting.
"Professor Morris is quite the whack-off artist, no?" remarked John.
by Joe Nobody January 20, 2004
Roebuck - (noun). A derogatory term for a man of low socioeconomic status, specifically, a blue-collar worker. Can also be used to refer to a country bumpkin or yokel. Etymology: From Roebucks, a brand of jeans manufactured by the Sears-Roebuck company.
That's a Roebuck bar over there...ya wanna go slummin'?
by Joe Nobody February 15, 2004
a beating
The bullies gave John quite a pulping yesterday because he refused to give them his lunch money.
by Joe Nobody March 15, 2004
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