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1. the look that a human bean takes when one foot is in the grave;
2. a person who looks as if they are already dead.
Jonathan: I went to visit my grandfather at the old folks home last week.
John: Really how's he doing?
Jonathan: Not too well, he's looking a bit cadaverish.

#corpse-like #zombie-like #walking death syndrome #frankinscense #myrrh
by Joe Nathan Coatez November 20, 2008
1. A sarcastic response to a comment where you want to seem like you agree, but all you hear is words.
2. Something you say to a brother when he's talking to you about his whip, golds, baby momma, and/or chedda.
<your local neighborhood bar>
Brother: Say bra, you seen my car yet. That sh*ts fly.
Guy: No man, I haven't seen it.
Brother: Well check it. See here. When I role down my street, bumpin' that UNLV, puttin' my golds on shine, I gots all them little hood rats hollerin'.
Guy: Oh, words.
#riiight #sure #i'm sure you do #no you don't #ha
by Joe Nathan Coatez April 20, 2010
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