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Worse than AIDS. This applies to very few things, since AIDS is pretty bad.
Miranda: Yeah, dude was drinking and driving and smashed into a tree.

Julie: Oh damn. That's totally WAIDS.
by Joe McGoat June 02, 2010
Better than AIDS. This applies to almost anything, since AIDS is pretty bad.
Go wash your hands. You probably picked up some BAIDS on the way home.

I broke my ankle last year. It was pretty bad, but at least it was BAIDS.
by Joe McGoat June 02, 2010
A multipurpose portmanteau of "LOL" and "genocide" that can be used as a whimsical substitution for any text-based expression of mirth, humor, or emoted laughter.

Can also be used to convey dismay at any grotesque and/or horrifying reality or occurrence.
Denver: Did you read the news?

David: No, what's up?

Denver: The RCMP tasered another dude to death and got caught on video.

by Joe McGoat November 20, 2009
A internet bastardization of Cockney rhyming slang for "thanks very much."
Julie: I just made you waffles.

David: Fangs, Julie, fangs berry mush.
by Joe McGoat February 08, 2010

Similar to melting face. When you pwn face you devastate your adversary.
Glyn: Why is Peter crying in the corner?

Matt: His ladyfriend came through here pwning face and left him in that woebegone heap of misery.
by Joe McGoat July 09, 2010
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