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4 definitions by Joe Martin

The greatest wrestler of all time, although very few people have ever heard of him.
DeGoot Boot!!!
by Joe Martin September 10, 2003
1 1
A substitute word to use when a writer, e-mail, chatter or poster is wanting to swear with some style, while not really swearing at all.
That is my favourite restaurant! It has the best food the best drinks! That restaurant is the SHEOUGHT!
by Joe Martin September 09, 2003
0 0
Frontier Wrestling Federation based out of the HUGE town of Thamesville, Ontario where the crowds are small, but the action is huge!!!
The only thing you don't like about the FWF is that you're not in it! Jealous! BOING!
by Joe Martin September 17, 2003
11 19
Dave Turene
Dave Turene
by Joe Martin September 10, 2003
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