11 definitions by Joe M.

1.) from the movie Menace II Society.

2.) refers to black people
"You know us Tropical People can't handle this cold air....leave it to te Europeans."
by Joe M. May 13, 2004
1.) to take a quick breath through the nose.

2.) to take a quick sample.
Hey, bro can I get a sniff of my money?
by Joe M. July 31, 2004
Like "banging", in describing a female.
Dude, that chick is WANGIN'!
by Joe M. January 18, 2004
1.) noun- a very small and very ugly dog that is favorites with gay men.

2.) verb- to yip in a high pitched voice but not do anything.

3.) adjective- a small, weak person that talks shit, but never does anything.
"Look, pug, you talk a lot of game but you'll get punted if you keep going!"
by Joe M. May 06, 2004

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