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The place were misplaced e-mails or computer files go.
He sent me an e-mail. I am certain I saved it. When I search for it on my computer I cannot find it . The file must have gone to data heaven.
by Joe LaMoy December 30, 2007
Snopesicized is the process of having verified an article or reference on snopes.com.
He e-mailed me an article that I thought was false so I snopesicized it on snopes.com and found that
it was in fact false.
by Joe LaMoy December 30, 2007
Pre come ooze.

Experienced by an aroused male. The slimy stuff that
leaks from a man's penis prior to ejaculation.
Joan touched my dick and felt the PCO and said "dude, wipe off that PCO".

by Joe LaMoy December 30, 2007
The thought process of Barack Hussein Obama.

Alternate use:

Those whom have drank the Obama koolaid and subsribe to his thinking.
Barack Hussien Obama's leftist liberal thinking can be coined an "Obamanation".

Alternate use:

The Obamanation may very well get Barack Hussein Obama elected.
by Joe LaMoy June 16, 2008
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