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taking a piece of meat and slapping, smudging, and/or throwing it at one's cheek. (Method commonly used in the lunchroom)
!!Besides any type of meat, you may use mayo, creamcheese, butter, or any liquidey, sticky, or messy substance!!
"Dude, you just got meat cheeked!"
"Yo, were gonna meat cheek Boch today!"
"It's Meat Cheek WEEK!"

by Joe La April 19, 2007
When a girl (or guy depending if you're gay or not) takes a shit and doesn't wipe their ass. Then the guy gives him or her annol. Then once the guy has the shit all over his dick, the girl or guy gives him head to suck n lick all of the shit off.
"Yo I got a dirty harry."
"I did a dirty harry with my girlfriend. It felt great!"
by Joe La June 03, 2007

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