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When you quickly go from relatively unknown: a nobody, to knowing mad people, and befriending easy party girls, commonly refered to as hos.
"Shit man, last week bitch wouldnt even give me the time of day, now after that party shes my best friend. We really went from nobodies to ho buddies!"
by Joe Kow January 06, 2010
A bloody, frothy flow from Satans vagina.
Once every month the Dark Lord engages in a fearsome demonstruation.
by Joe Kow November 28, 2005
1. A vagina with jaundice.
2. A sissy who has jaundice.
1. I wouldn't go anywhere near that orangina I hear jaundice is contagious
2. Not only is he a pussy, but he has jaundice! What an orangina!
by Joe Kow October 04, 2005
When a man goes to a down on his luck having to fuck a girl on rag (a menstruating woman) to fooling around with a fineass female, otherwise known as a "bitch".
"Man, last week I was parting the red sea now Im going to town on the brown. I really went from rags to bitches!"

"It was a real rags to bitches story."
by Joe Kow January 06, 2010

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