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A vampire who doesn't take shit from any other vampires, and ultimately needs lots of vampire sex and human blood to be satisfied.
"Did you see the way that Vampire King killed the shit out of that guy; it was fucking insane."
by Joe Klein November 21, 2006
A dagger forged from ice by a bad ass dude in a cloak, it can only be weilded by vampires or people who rock.
"Dude, I'm gonna fuck you up with my ice dagger if you don't shut up."
by Joe Klein November 21, 2006
A knife that is always red because its hot as hell from the power of actual magma. When a regular knife would cut or stab a person, this makes you fucking explode.
"Dude, my magma knife got confinscated yesterday because of all the people I made explode, so I bought this gay regular knife."
by Joe Klein November 21, 2006
A spear that is so badass it's dipped in lava, and when thrown seeks out the target like some kind of missile.
"He would have gotten away, if I had not thrown my magma spear."
by Joe Klein November 21, 2006
A state of incredible horniness which results in the ejaculation of a male in his pants.
As Steven felt his loins seize, he realized that a wave of cumnaria was overwhelming him.
by Joe Klein November 21, 2006
A city usually but not always located in Wisconsin that has no place to eat.
"Man, there is no place to get some food, this place is a fuck city."
by Joe Klein November 21, 2006
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