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a hacking clan led by general-jap and book of revealation. They used cheats to dominating the hacking world rather than raging and pissing ppl.
JAPSGeneral-Jap: want to have a cheating match with us, rambo and 88 ?
rambo: we will dominate your clan.
88: hell yeah, we will
JAPSBookrev: well, let play

2 hours later........

rambo: oh no, i am so retarded. i sux like noob. JAPS pwn us :**(
88: i feel so stupid. i am such a noob haxor. JAPS is a nice clan.
JAPSGeneral-jap: it alrite, try better next time.
rambo: i sux i sux i sux i sux.
by Joe King November 19, 2003
to deficate in another persons (ie. partner) mouth.
"Sandy and Fred like to experiment on each other by giving each other large steamy hot lunches"
by Joe King March 05, 2004

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