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Means that a person brain is the size of a pea the kind you eat as a vegetable.
For example, a peebrain would have to look up what peebrain means and would think I was talking about urine, or telling my mind to pee.
by Joe Junior February 17, 2004
A person whose brain is of no use to them. A stupid person, airhead, dumbminded, idiot, useless, a fucked up person.
Don't you know junior 2+2=4 not 5 you "peebrain".

That boy's braincells have turned into liquid almost as if he has no brain cells and deserves to be called a "peebrain".
by Joe Junior February 17, 2004
Richard is an ass face.
Have you seen that ass face with a nose in between his cheeks!!!

That ass face has kaka breath!!!

That girl takes it in the ass face like a faggot in the ass!!
by Joe Junior February 19, 2004

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