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Temporary alliances in pursuit of mutual goals.
Me and some friends just scored a big money contract. After its done I'm dumping those chumps.
by Joe Iron November 09, 2007
A females mensturating vagina. the carpet meaning the a females pubic hair. Red meaning the blood that occurs during menstration.
I was eating red carpet last night.
by Joe Iron November 11, 2005
An empty building, office, storefront, or research park in Michigan usually with a "for lease" or "for sale" sign in front.
I counted six Granholms on Main Street in Ann Arbor on the way to work today.

I saw five Granholms in a row on 96.
by Joe Iron November 03, 2007
A type of men's haircut that is done to make the person look like an upstanding member of the community. The haircut is short, above the ears and off the collar.
Customer: Hey give me a citizen, I got a court date.
Barber: Will do, we'll get you off.
by Joe Iron May 04, 2007
Carting is holding on to a shopping from a moving car and then accelerating. Once an appropriate speed is reached the shopping cart is released and it shoots off like a missile. Carting was invented in Whiting, Indiana in the late 70s.
Hey dude, lets go do some carting.
by Joe Iron April 20, 2007
One of the masses or regular people. Worker.
My mom told me to quit going out with that proletariat girl.

Hey give me that copy of Gallery, it's the magazine for looking at proletariat chicks.
by Joe Iron February 01, 2008
A sarcastic nickname for Whiting, Indiana. It has to do with the non-stop cruising on 119th Street that was commonplace in the 1970s.
Let's go to Exciting Whiting.
by Joe Iron August 11, 2007

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