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Goo Gun; n. The male genitalia, so named for its ability to eject bodily fluids.
Chicho "How did it go last night?"
Joe "I assaulted her with my goo gun!"
by Joe Henkelman September 29, 2006
A tourist destination that, while it tries to be otherwise, attracts cheap, low class tourists.
Joe; "It's too bad that these people can't tip us properly."

Howard; "Welcome to the White Trash Riviera, we get the people who can't afford to go to the Bahamas."
by Joe Henkelman October 03, 2006
Jewican; n. A mexican who is also a jew.
boy, that oscar guy sure is a jewican.
by Joe Henkelman October 03, 2006
a resident of south texas, usually but not soley hispanic, who is for the most part devoid of class, integrity, or intelligence.
Bekah; "they came in a huge group, the kids made a mess, they were terribly demanding and loud-mouthed, they refused to order in english even though they spoke it, and then they tipped 5 percent on their meal."

Joe; "Fucking Valley Trash!"
by Joe Henkelman October 03, 2006
of or refering to a person who, if they wanted to, could summon up the mental capacity to think properly, but won't even try.
Craig; "Jeez Joe, my roommate Still can't figure out how to work the TiVo"

Joe; "Well, I'm sure he not THAT stupid, probably just a lazy brain."
by Joe Henkelman October 03, 2006

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