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An online community with little habbo avatars that walk around and talk. It's a great place for kids to learn how to scam others by working together.The Moderators ban anyone that warns others of scammers. With the lack of Moderators do not let your children play this game. If someone is swearing and threatening another you can report them but the Mods just say "push your ignore button." If you get scammed the Mods say "use the Habbo help tool" which is worthless. If you want your kid to be dishonest then let them play this game awhile because everyone on this game scams to get virtual furniture to decorate their virtual rooms. If Habbo was run by some decent people then maybe the game would be alright but the owners do not care about the safety of your kids, all they want is your money.
How can two Moderators police thousands of players? they can't and do not even try.
haboo hotel habbo hotel habbo hotel

room owner> "hey give a furni and if you win you get two furni back"

Guest> wow, sounds cool, here take my furni.

Guest> yay I won !!

room owner> no you didn't noob!! (kicks the winner with-out giving prize and keeps their furni)

Guest> (reports the owner for scamming)

Moderator> "use the habbo help tool, we don't care."

Guest> (sends e-mail to Habbo telling about scamm) (gets e-mail from Habbo that is a form letter that they send to everyone and doesn't pertain to the e-mail sent)

Guest> ( Habbo don't care about scammers so I will scam as well to get my furni back.)

(Guest is now a scammer and liar on their way to a life of crime))
by Joe Hagger November 09, 2006

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