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A symptom exhibited by an individual who has the appearance of partial Down Syndrome but does not appear to have any of the characteristics.
Hector (whispers to his friend, Paul, referring to passerby): Damn! Check out that fucked up dude with the fivehead.

Paul: Man that's fucked up. He probably got a "touch o' downs".
by Joe Fist September 24, 2008
Defecation while listening to the Sugar Hill Gang.
After that bean burrito, I had me a little "Crapper's Delight" going on.
by Joe Fist September 24, 2008
When a male is in the midst of sexual relations with a female and accidentally utters a different women's name.
Rob: So me and Tracy broke up.

Frank: Really? What happened?

Rob: Well she was going down on me and I yelled out Debbie. She got all pissed off and left.

Frank: Ah. Ballzheimer's Disease.
by Joe Fist January 23, 2009
A former well known actor or director who at one point in their career achieved respectable success but, for some God forsaken reason, has been unable to recapture any of their former glory and continues to make bad movies. It gets to the point that you are fairly confident by the preview the movie will not be worth a rental. Box Office Poison recipients usually tie directly into the Razzie awards.
Handful of Box Office Poison Members:

Kevin Costner (lifetime achievement)
Wesley Snipes
M. Night Shamalayan
Sandra Bullock
Dane Cook
Jessica Simpson
Paris Hilton
by Joe Fist February 09, 2009
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