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The untrue origin of any item of unknown origin.
Inquisitive one: Hey, where did you get that?

Smart-ass: Famunda

Inquisitive one: Where?

Smart-ass: Famunda my balls
by Joe Famunda May 11, 2005
A bad situation. Often involving room-mates, car problems, girl problems, etc. Sometimes related to bowel problems.

Archaic: The need to stop for gas whilst traveling long distances.

Origin: Big Ed's Gas Farm in the television show Twin Peaks.
"What's your big ed?"

"I got me a bad big ed. I got bad hams, Helvis is in town, and that chicken sandwich from Wendy's ain't sittin' too well."

"Wow. That's bad. . .real bad."
by Joe Famunda May 11, 2005
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