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16 definitions by Joe Cool

Round ,squishy, play toys usually found on women but in some strange occurences they are found on men.
Did you see the boobies on that girl?
Haha, that man's boobies are bigger than your mom's!!!
by joe cool October 26, 2004
spick to hispanic people is the same as nigger to black people
fucking spick bitch
stupid spick
fuck you spick
by joe cool March 28, 2005
1.an extreme homie
2.the biggest homie on the block
wow,thats an isaac
by joe cool January 19, 2004
(See Cocksmack) The welt left by the head of a circumsized cock after a bitch gets out of line when giving you head and needs to get smacked upside her head.
Oh man, it's turns out that bitch was a biter and I had to leave her with a vicious mushroom welt!
by Joe Cool February 05, 2004
Slang term for the drug LSD, also commonly reffered to as acid.
Man, let's go trippin' with Uncle Cid today!
by Joe Cool February 28, 2004
Reach around grab
to put your arm around a girl and reach in order to grab her breast
I think I'm gonna use the R.A.G on that girl tonight.
by joe cool April 04, 2003
(interjection) a variation of lolsan; derived from lolsan and the trigonometric function sine, representing the value equal to quotient of the opposite side of a right triangle of angle (ß) and the hypotenuse of the same right triangle

(Usage common in French, Spanish, and English.)
"You make me barf! Lolsine!"
by joe cool June 18, 2004