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1. Attempting to sell a package of TV channels to a person who does not own a TV.

2. Attempting to get the person who has just stated that he does not own a TV to go and buy a TV.

3. Attempting to convince this person to go and find all his friends and family members who have a TV to switch to the package of TV channels being offered.

4. Attempting to convince the same person who has already has a mobile phone with 17 months on his contract left to run that he should break his contract in order to buy a new mobile phone from the cold caller.

5. Attempting to convince the same person who still doesn't want a TV package or new mobile phone that he should purchase a backup phone in case his current mobile is lost.

I am that person, and this is a true story.
Hi Mr. Hopeful Target, I am giving you a cold call today out of desperation to meet my sales quota at 1.53am to offer you an exclusive package of channels for the television that you don't have!
#cold #call #calling #sales #quota
by Joe Coffee July 19, 2011
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