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The tiscali hate group, or THG, are a group of Tiscali-internet users in the norwich region, that have formed a group against Tiscali's bad internet service.
Joe and Aaron are members of the Tiscali hate group.
by Joe Burgess September 25, 2006
A computer geek way of saying "punk" or "punx", part of a common disorder for people to constantly add "0rz" to the end of every other word.

Part of a common wannabe "leet speek" (13375p33k) language.
Punx0rz r0x0rz, 0mfg 1 am t3h c00lz0rz f0r thatz0rz.

Aaron: I like rancid ..
Joe: Omg, that is like, so punx0rz!
by Joe Burgess September 27, 2006

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