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hilarious dog puppet from NBC's Late Night with Conan O'Brian whose signature line is "for me to poop on!"
Grant: Who were you talking to?
Mark: Some dog puppet who said my home town was wonderful...for him to poop on.
Grant: That was Triumph the Insult Comic Dog! Fuckin sweet dude!
by Joe Brannen September 28, 2005
A derogatory yet public appropriate name for a gay dude
God, Bob is such a feces felon!
by Joe Brannen September 23, 2005
the kind of poop where you REALLY got to go, but when you go it's only about one or two poops and you're good for the day
Dave: I really need to take a shit! (goes into bathroom for a minute)
Jon: That was pretty fast!
Dave: Yeah, it was a one-stop poop.
by Joe Brannen September 26, 2005
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