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1)A person who can't swallow pretzels
2)A winner who didn't win
3)A dislexic YALE student (who got in becasue his dad was president)
4)Someone who's destroying America
5)Someone who would start another scandel like watergate, if he was smart enough to figure out how
6)Someone who destroys everything
See Godzilla, Retard, Infant, Asshole, Fuckhead, Biatch, Cheater, and Arnold Shwartzenegger
"He fainted from choking, I knew he was a George W. Bush"
by Joe Bojangles December 23, 2003
longer than antidisestablishmenterianism for all you kids who still think thats the longest word in the english language. that word is so like 70's.
owww, my dick hurts, i think i have pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
by Joe Bojangles December 23, 2003
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