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A patch of hair worn on the chin, usually the bottom part of a goatee with the top shaved off. Larger than a soul patch.
Damn, Ray's pitcher Matt Garza has a smoooth soulhawk.
by Joe Bod July 31, 2010
The act of upgrading a misdemeanor charge to a felony. This is usually because there are prior convictions for the same crime. In a drug case, it could be because the drug quantity ended up being greater than originally thought, and a felony amount.
Damn, I got caught with a bag of weed. The cops of the scene thought it was a misdemeanor amount. When the lab weighed it, it came back heavy and they felonized me!

I caught a DUI, and because I have three priors, they felonized this one.
by Joe Bod August 01, 2010
A nonsensical word to be used as an insult around children, in place of a harsher word.
Dadgummit, that buttweed just pulled out in front of me! Rats!
by Joe Bod August 01, 2010

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