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the act of "taking a girl to paris" is awkward inuendo relating to you and your homie having a threesome with one girl. As the girl is on her hands and knees you either getting oral or hittin it from the back your going to be facing your homie, and a TRUE HOMIE would slap you a high five, a double high five, wich makes the three of you look like the Eifell Tower. EPIC!

the joke is when asking a girl if she want to go to paris, the girl almost always says yes, not knowing about the sexuall act, she thinks your really going to take her to see the eiffel tower. this joke may go on for hours you and your friends will have a great time exploiting drunk girls at party's
so baby girl when you going to let me and my homie take you too paris?

hey drunk bitch when we going to paris?

eiffel tower paris taking a girl to paris

by Joe Bleeezy February 18, 2009

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