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1. To be elite in all respects.
2. Consisting of perfection and beauty.
3. To be godlike.
If he weren't so topangea he wouldn't have secured that modeling position.
by Joe Black June 14, 2003
Used to express doubt in reference to the size of ones own genetalia.
I'm sure you'll have a great time with her tonight son.

Thanks Dad. I just hope my excessive nv|ctus doesn't slow me down.
by Joe Black June 14, 2003
1. A firearm that does not exist.
2. A firearm consisting of several different gun parts and does not exist.

Derived from the word "Frankenstein".
n 1. The ZF-1 created by Zorg in the movie "The Fifth Element" is the ultimate frankengun.

2. My nephew made his very own frankengun to show off.
by Joe Black February 16, 2005
1. A homosexual individual known to frequent the #coders channel on Undernet.
18:17 <ViPr> so?
18:18 <ViPr> i like boys
by Joe Black June 14, 2003
One who stays connected to Q3A Excessive servers 24/7.
I can't connect to a fucking server because they're full of Craz8's.
by Joe Black June 14, 2003
noun 1. Gay, homo, see also buttfucker.
2. Spammer.
3. Camper.

verb 1. The act of molesting small dogs.
2. To hump ones own butt veraciously.
That bitch flexoed my pooch! :(
by Joe Black June 14, 2003
whore thats only good quilty is her ass
wow that whores ugly, If anything i'd rather have an asswhore
by Joe Black February 03, 2005
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