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Invented by Todd & Tommy. In disrepair. Describes anything negatively. Be it a situation, object or person. If Gold or Golden is first place, Silver is second, Bronze is last. Bottom of the heap, third place, a bummer.
Gary smashed into a 400 pound lady in the thrift shop parking lot, his car is bronzen.
Hey Joe, do you have any money? No Lionel, I'm bronzen.
Stimey, did you score? Nope, we're bronzen.
Rick was bronzen after Kevin broke his arm off and beat him with it.
by Joe Bert December 02, 2006
Morbidly obese people with the appearance of two stomachs. One above the beltline and one below (the assballs area). Couple this with a tight pair of pants gives the stunning appearance of having an "ass" where the "balls" should be...Hence, assballs.
Assgina is this very same affliction, only in women.
Created by Skeets
We're going over to assballs house for a barbeque.
Assballs owes me 40 dollars.
by Joe Bert May 07, 2007

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