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1 definition by Joe Ali

In a world where jizz can be multi-colored, a technique where 7 guys all with different colored jizz are jerked off by a midget in a leprechaun suit into the rectum of a pot of gold aka some chick. *If the woman prefers, spraying rainbow colored jizz out of the anus is optional and may be enjoyable for some parties.
7 guys all with different colored jizz step into a room with a leprechaun:
Guy 1: "Hey guys I'm red this time.:
Guy 2: "You were red last time, how about you be green this time?"
Guy 1: How about you fuck a midget. I'm red. You cock jock.
Midget: "Come on guys, lets get wankin'. This chaik is ready for the end of the rainbow."
Guy 4: "Hope she totally sprays that shit all over my balls this time. You know, cause Im into that sort of thing." (*refer to optional rule)
Guy 6: "Come on, you guys are holding up the line. Midget get over here and spank my junk around so I totally jizz in this pot of gold aka this chick who is a total slut."

by Joe Ali January 22, 2008