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See "shit for brains"
How could you ever do such a "Bush for brains" foulup?
by JOE August 26, 2003
drug abusing heroes who make brilliant music
oasis, fuckin ace
by joe September 12, 2003
A education program proudly promoted by our "Bush for brains" President, whereby he guarantees that no child will be left behind. This is easily accomplished since he plans to make sure that no child will be advancing either.
Bush wants to make sure that no child gets left behind and ends up getting missundereducated like him.(See missunderestimated)
by JOE September 29, 2003
when you try to insert both testicles into your partner's asshole. the phrase is referring to the inability to keep a dog in a bathtub, much like the inability to keep both your balls in their asshole.
krishnan tried to achieve a wet dog in a tub, but it failed.
by joe February 18, 2004
the badest mother fucker ever. recently made into a movie, which kicked so much ass.
Joe,Bob,Mike,Lindsey, and Ben saw the punisher; the exploding cars scene made mike go into convulsions because it was so badass.
by Joe April 27, 2004
S l a p !
There's a new joke going around: What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!
by Joe April 18, 2004
The 2nd reason that 99.9% of the world population (mainly the US population) is manipulated and retarded to some degree (the 1st reason being rap).
"Music" television my ass.

MTV= Manipulative Television.
by Joe August 20, 2003

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