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drug abusing heroes who make brilliant music
oasis, fuckin ace
by joe September 12, 2003
A misspelling of the word "PWN" which is a misspelling of "own". To beat someone's ass in any way.
"You got powned!"
"Uh, its spelled PWN, so you just PWNed yourself! PWNED!"
by Joe September 07, 2003
See "shit for brains"
How could you ever do such a "Bush for brains" foulup?
by JOE August 26, 2003
Any word starting with a B. Usually bitch.
Look at the booty on that bizzle.

Damn! All them hot wings gave me some nasty heart-bizzle.

Nigga please! That shit on my dizzle ain't none a your bizzle.

by Joe September 01, 2003
a term used for french kiss in many parts of dublin, ireland.
can often be heard when one guy might ask a girl to meet his friend...
shift is a similar word to be heard in rural ireland.
as score is to be heard from the posher of the lrish.
but an old fashioned would you let my friend stick his tounge in your gob seems to do the trick in all parts!
"eh, will ya meet me mate?(pointing action to random guy in crowd of swaring guys around a group girls or sometimes girl on her own)?"
by joe July 16, 2004
the badest mother fucker ever. recently made into a movie, which kicked so much ass.
Joe,Bob,Mike,Lindsey, and Ben saw the punisher; the exploding cars scene made mike go into convulsions because it was so badass.
by Joe April 27, 2004
S l a p !
There's a new joke going around: What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP!
by Joe April 18, 2004
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